From movies to super-heroes not to mention the illusion of love, the visual artist ROD combines different media to produce raw and fragmented works that invite the observer to question our sick society and the maladjusted world in which we live.

Rodolphe aka ROD is a French artist born in 1977, originally from Quimper. He experimented with drawing and painting from a young age. He obtained a Master’s degree in Visual Arts before moving into decoration for films. After completing his studies, ROD worked on a multitude of projects based on the theme of super-heroes or defragmenting images. Each of his works is like an explosion. The artist pours his guts onto the canvas, expressing extreme sensitivity to humans, art, and the world around him. Every time you look at one of these paintings, something new appears, as if just one of these works was made up of hundreds of others, a fragmented approach to the messages that ROD wants to convey to describe a society which he believes is “sick”. The pessimism revealed in his creations contrasts with the use of flashy colours and bling sequins which, at the same time, convey a message of hope.

In the space of a few years, ROD has made his mark on the international stage with a special mention at Art Basel Miami in 2019. It was a real trigger for him: it was there that he obtained his ticket to enter the big league enjoying recognition from art collections and the art market.