In the same way as musical notes, Maxim Korotchenko’s photographs take the form of a line of melody. For him, photography is both the means and the subject of the creative process, a perpetual discovery of the world. Thus, everyday life reveals new meanings that transform banality.

« Welcome to a different world »

Originally from Astrakhan in Russia, Maxim Korotchenko started his career as a photographer for the local administration’s press service in 2011. A few years later, with several prizes and awards to his name, Maxim decided to become a freelance photographer so that he could work for various media and create his own projects. He published his works in several different supports and reviews, in particular Rossiskaïa Gazeta, Novaya Gazeta, National Geographic, Snob, Izvestia. His most recent projects focus on the life of the inhabitants of the Volga delta, near the Caspian Sea and the surrounding area of southern Russia.

Prizes and exhibitions:

2022 Exhibition “Protests”, Artists in exile workshop, Paris, France
2022 Winner of the 2022 grant from the Russian Union of photographic artists, Moscow, Russia
2021 Winner of “Paris Sport Photo-2021”, photo contest, Paris, France
2021 Finalist of “Anatoly Yefremov 2021”, photo contest, Tobolsk, Russia 2021 Finalist of “TEFI 2021 Prize”, Russia, Sotchi
2020 Finalist of “PhotoVisa 2020” Biennial Photocontest, Krasnodar, Russia
2019 Winner of “Siena International Photo Awards 2019”, photo contest, Sienna, Italy
2018 Winner of “HIPA International Photography Awards 2018”, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2018 Finalist of “Miami Street Photography Festival 2018”, photo contest, Miami, United States 2017 Winner of “Best of Russia 2017”, photo contest, Moscow, Russia
2017 Finalist of “Sony World Photography Awards 2017”, photo contest, London, United Kingdom
2016 Winner of “Best of Russia 2016”, photo contest, Moscow, Russia
2016 Participation and personal exhibition at the “European Month of Photography 2016”, Pfundt Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2016 “Freckles” joint exhibition 2016, Pfundt Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014 Finalist of “Lens Culture Exposure Awards 2014”, photo contest, London, United Kingdom
2014 Personal exhibition 2014, Kremlin of Astrakhan, Russia
2013 Winner of “Best of Russia 2013”, photo contest, Moscow, Russia
2013 Winner of “Best
2013”, photo contest, Moscow, Russia
2014 Participation in the “Miami Street Photography Festival
2014” exhibition, Miami, United States