“For me, photography is not watching, it’s feeling …”

French photographer Grégory Herpe was born in Paris in 1969. As a photojournalist for the Sopa Images press agency in Hong Kong, he has exhibited as an artist in numerous countries. His favorite subjects include human beings, cities, societal organization, and the weight of customs. He consistently incorporates three elements in his photos: a message, a perspective, and an emotion.

Herpe has captured images of Drag Queens in Europe, young girls rescued from prostitution in Cambodia, IRA fighters in Belfast, endangered animals in Africa (lions, gorillas, etc.), beach huts in Scandinavia, life on the streets of Eastern Europe, the Gypsies in southern France, and war zones in Lebanon and Azerbaijan. As a portraitist and set photographer, he has also photographed rock and film celebrities such as David Bowie, Gérard Depardieu, Iggy Pop, Deep Purple, Nina Hagen, Jacques Dutronc, Patti Smith, Orelsan, and more.

Regularly collaborating with NGOs to showcase their actions (in Cambodia, Moldova, Lebanon, Romania, etc.), Herpe’s images have been exhibited in galleries and museums in various locations worldwide, including Paris, Barcelona, Boston, San Diego, Bristol, Amsterdam, Brussels, Genoa, Porto, Zurich, Athens, Bucharest, South Korea, India, Panama, Nigeria, and twice at the European Parliament. He is also a journalist and author for various magazines in France and England.

Furthermore, he has worked as a journalist for various media outlets (NRJ, Fun Radio, and Fun TV in Paris, RTL/TVI in Brussels) and for various magazines. A student of Francis Huster at the Cours Florent (a renowned drama school), alongside friends Jean-Paul Rouve, Edouard Baer, Jeanne Balibar, and Eric Ruf (current administrator of the Comédie Française), Herpe has experience as an actor and director.

-2022 French Embassy, Panama
-2020 The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge Museum, United Kingdom
-2020 Museum Hilversum, The Netherlands
-2019 CICA Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea
-2018 Fondation Vittorio Emanuele, Italy
-2018 ATBU University, Nigeria
-2018 Collection Jacques Font, France
-2017 Collection Roger Castang, France
-2017 Musée de St-Cyprien – Collection François Desnoyer, France
-2016 Collection de S.A.S le Prince Albert II de Monaco, Monaco
-2008 Collection Vincent Bazin, France