From capturing extreme sports to exploring cultural diversity through worldwide documentary and photojournalism.

Artem Khazov, hailing from Saint Petersburg, embarked on his photography career in 2018, specializing in extreme sports photography. In 2020, a significant article about his project dedicated to extreme sports in Russia was published in the French magazine Unleashed Wake Mag. In 2021, while working in a marketing agency, Artem conducted his first photo sessions in Africa, collaborating with African tribes and wildlife. Since then, his main focus has shifted to reportage and documentary photography. Starting from 2022, Artem’s works have been featured in magazines such as BBC Wildlife Magazine, Lens Magazine, Private Photo Review, Street Photography Magazine, DOCU Street Photography Magazine, DooG Reporter, ROS Photo Magazine, and others. By 2024, his works have been exhibited in countries like Serbia, Cyprus, and Greece. Currently, Artem is an actively traveling photojournalist, writing articles for international publications. His recent projects are dedicated to the life and culture of populations in countries such as India, Nepal, and Vietnam.

Awards and Exhibitions:

  • 2023: 35Awards, TOP 100 Wildlife Photographers
  • 2023: Social Media Art Exhibition, Photojournalism
  • 2023: Belgrade Photo Exhibition, Photojournalism
  • 2023: P×3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, Honorable Mention, Street Photography
  • 2023: Monochrome Photography Awards, Honorable Mention, Photojournalism
  • 2023: WPE Photo Awards, Bronze Award, Photojournalism
  • 2022: Budapest International Photo Awards, Honorable Mention, Wildlife-Nature
  • 2022: Budapest International Photo Awards, Honorable Mention, People-Lifestyle
  • 2022: 35Awards, TOP 50, Wildlife Photographers
  • 2022: WPE Photo Awards, Silver Medal, Photojournalism
  • 2022: WPE Photo Awards, Silver Medal, Street Photography